5 Advantages of New Build Homes

Buying a new construction home is the best way to get (some or most) of what you want. Let’s take a gander at some of those shiny, new-build benefits.

The quirks are (almost) all yours
Part of the new home adventure is working out how you plan on using the space for your family. With new construction homes, you’ll (usually) have chosen (some of) the options, from a home layout and style from a builder’s plan, through to the colour schemes, fancier appliances and the double basin in the bathroom that ensures his dental floss will never touch your counter space ever again.

These options differ from project to project, but check out some of the options here if you think new construction is for you. Failing that, you’ll have to pop into a presentation centre and grab an actual, real-life brochure.

Time is on your side
If you buy a home in 2022, the price reflects that — and you obviously pay your deposit then. When the home is ready in, say, 2025, the market has shifted, and will (almost without exception) have increased in value, giving you the ability to leverage and sell, or move in. You may also be in a better financial position compared to three years ago with job promotions etc, so your mortgage will be easier to manage.

It’s cheap to be cool. Or warm
New buildings are built according to new codes. This means they are made to be far more eco-conscious than in the days when we thought plastic everything was a great idea. So although new construction homes are more expensive to purchase, they are not wildly different, plus you’ll be saving dollars on the month-to-month running of your home. And doing a bit to save the planet too.

What’s more, if something does go down/to pieces/kerplunk in the first year or two — builders' warranties, baby. Oh yeahhh.

Living on Easy Street
What kind of person suits a new construction home? Well, for one, there are those who view the other options as just being too gosh-darn hard. For instance, there’s renovating an established home. This experience can be the opposite of fun, and really does call for knowing what you (or your suppliers) are doing. And then there’s dust. Ugh.

What’s more, maybe you simply believe that your home must reflect your love of all things granite and chrome. Or macramé, if that’s your thing. No judgies.

Benefits with friends
Older homes often have quirks like separate dining, kitchen and living areas, not an approach most of us have to modern living. New construction homes allow you to open your home (quite literally) to your friends and family. Unless you really don’t like your current housemates (I’m talking to you, Janice).

No other bums on your seats
We’re (almost) all weirdly wired for that new car smell. You know, the idea that no one else has owned that vehicle before you. New construction homes are like that. No one has ever lived in that space or flopped onto the couch in their Pikachu onesie before you have, and (undeniably it seems) there is real value in that.

Go forth and shop
Anyone who ever told you that this homeseeking adventure would be easy has their pants on fire. But there’s no reason why deciding where you will home all of your memories can’t be one of the great adventures of your life. Trust us, we’ve experienced it thousands upon thousands of times. And now it’s your turn.

Original article from nsnews.com