Estate Sale? De-Clutter? North Vancouver start up business is ready for you.

From Paul Stokes, Owner of The Middle Man

Over the last year I have been asked by friends and family members to sell things online as they seem too busy and don't want to deal with the back and forth conversation. This got me thinking...if they need it done...other people probably do also. But what I am most excited for is for people who are moving homes.

After reaching out to a few realtor friends I asked a simple question. Does your client ever approach you and say "Do you know anyone who would like this?" or "Can you hire a junk company to get rid of this?"
I received the same answer from everyone...100% Yes. Just from these few interactions I believe this idea is perfect for this market and I call it "The Middle Man".

The best part is the process is very simple and in a very basic way this is how it breaks down. Customer says I need this gone. Realtor gives them my contact info. Customer sends info and we take care of the rest.

In my eyes, we will have 3 types of clients:

Client 1: The "We don't want to move it, get what you can get".
The Middle Man will come in and sell it for whatever we can or it's junk. The Middle Man takes a percentage.

Client 2: The "Ok we spent some money on this and would like to get X amount".
We work with the client on an amount to sell it for them. The Middle Man takes a percentage.

Client 3: The "Don't care, need it gone".
The Middle Man takes it off their hands and split the profit with you for the referral.

Why Toss It, When You Can Profit.

Paul Stokes
The Middle Man